KBBI Digital versi Offline

Buat yang sedang skripsi atau tulisan lain yang mewajibkan menggunakan penggunaan EYD, sekarang sudah ada Kamus besar Bahasa Indonesia (KBBI) versi offline.

Note: credit goes to the creator & uploader, not me =D


Book Summary: Don Gabor’s How to Start Conversation and Make Friends

Recently, I realized that I’m not really good at communication so I decided to read some books on this topic. I’ve added some reading list for myself: Don Gabor’s How to Start Conversation and Make Friends, Joe Navarro’s What Every Body is Saying, and the classic one: Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. I’ve done reading the first one and I created the mind map. I think it might be useful if I upload in on the internet. Interested? download the mindmap file below:

How to Start Conversation.mm *

*Note: please change the file extension from *.pdf to *.mm and open it using FreeMind. You can view the file using FreeMind and export them into HTML, XHTML(with JavaScript), and PDF. Please don’t hesitate to leave a suggestion for betterĀ  mind map.